DID Online Training

Lydia Discipleship Ministry is attempting to wade into the technological ocean!

Please be patient with us till we get our swim floaties off.

Our plan is to have a monthly on line DID training session for counselors mentors and helpers.  Alaine Pakkala will speak on a DID or counseling topic for 45 minutes to an hour and then answer your questions for another 30 minutes.

To join in this group you will need the latest version of Yahoo Messenger with Voice -- its free. Then send us an e-mail letting us know your Yahoo screen name and tell us a little bit about your work with or interest in DID.

(We are also planning to have a monthly online encouragement talk from Alaine for those who have DID.)

The Rules:
At the appointed day and time, if you are online, you will receive an invitation to a yahoo conference room. You will also be able watch her on your computer screen but unless you have a high speed connection you might find it a bit frustrating to watch her so you will probably want to just listen.

Please do not use your microphone -- this is a one way talk -- like a classroom. You can submit questions to Alaine in a separate IM (Instant Messenger window. She will address questions in the second section of the training. 

We are on a learning curve and appreciate your patience as we work out all the problems and find the best way to do things.